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Display Inspiration #2: Jewellery

Posted by Josh Hill on

We were pleasantly surprised by the response to the previous display ideas newsletter on headbands, if you haven't seen it take a read here. This week is all about Jewellery! When putting this together we wanted something that was versatile and flexible as our stock offer could change throughout the tradeshows. I've gone through step-by-step how we built one of our frames so it could easily stand on a table and have whichever product needed displaying.
Firstly, I'll run through everything we used to make this display:
- Picture Frame
- Foamboard
- Suedette
- Roll of Velcro
- Curtain Pole Fixing
- Square Garden Stakes
- Wooden Pole
- Screws
- Paint
- Masking Tape
- Superglue
After typing this out, I'm thinking to myself 'this is meant to be quick & easy' but there are quite a few things here... let's compare it to a 12+ lego set!
Nevertheless we've all got lots of time on our hands at the moment so let's down to business! Firstly, decide on what size you would like your display to be, we've used 42cm x 30cm here. Cut some foam board and suedette to the size that will fit the frame. (Remember to cut the suedette slightly too big so there's room to stick on the reverse side.) Stretch out your suedette over the foam board, then glue/stick tape over the back to keep it stretched tight across the face of the board. See the images below to see what the back of ours looked like once this was done. You'll now be able to fit your board into the frame with a velcro-ready surface. All the frame needs now is a base to sit in.
We had to get creative with what we had lying around for the base, this ended up being square garden stakes, a wooden pole, then a curtain fixture to prop the frame up - at the time we weren't too sure, but now they've made it through 8 tradeshows they have survived the test of time!  Give yourself a strong base by screwing together 3 garden square stakes. Next, the wooden pole drills into the stakes so the frame has something to lean on. Drill a small screw into the top of the wooden pole so the picture frame has something to hang from, you'll then have no worries that the frame will fall. The final addition is the curtain pole fixture to angle the frame up slightly so it displayed well to shoppers. Take a look at the images below to see how we positioned everything together. Now add the frame to the base for the complete product!
There we have it! A display for jewellery, or anything that can be supported by velcro that allows for flexible arrangement! All of our jewellery comes on cards that you can just stick velcro to the back of then display as shown in the images.
I have to say, you can really use whatever suits for this, the curtain pole fixture and garden stakes were just what we had and I'm sure your imagination can lead you to use whatever you have! Keep your DIY ideas coming to us it was great to hear from you on our previous mailout! Reply to this newsletter or e-mail us at
A small update on things for us. As we are a small family business it would only ever be us in the warehouse picking your orders anyway. Because of this we are still able to dispatch orders if you do need anything. I appreciate this is a hard time as retail stores have been closed which is devastating! We live together, we work together. We greatly appreciate all of your on-going support and hope you and your families are keeping well.

- Josh

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