What's to come in the SS19 Collection?

By Josh Hill

A very popular section of our first collection was our metallic leathers so we’ve taken steps in improving and revamping our metallic leathers. Styling has been kept the same but each metallic foil has been revisited giving them a new gorgeous look and feel.



Since I started designing the First Collection I always wanted to use different materials, so as I was able to start fresh with SS19 we’ve introduced our Fabric Range. Featuring new shapes and designs to the Hill + How collection our Fabrics offer an alternative to our leathers. Perfect for any occasion, easy going or making a statement they fit in perfectly.



With the introduction of new styles and shapes in our Fabric Collection we couldn’t just leave our core collection of 7 styles in 7 colours as it was for the next season, so what did we do? Firstly, we’ve introduced Black Leather which gives a premium finish to the bags in the Collection. Secondly, we’ve introduced two new suedes for the Spring Season, a lovely Taupe and a Pink that pops next to the rest of the collection Combination of these 2 things make the core collection better than ever!



Whilst I wouldn’t want to reveal all we do have another couple of designs coming that will be apart of SS19, they’re a fun, quirky variant of the core collection which we know you’ll love, but you’ll just have to wait and see…


For any enquires or additional information about the SS19 collection please get in touch with us at contact@hillandhow.co.uk